The best way to find out about NEW ERA, who we are and what we do is to pick up the telephone and call us. For those potential customers who prefer to browse rather than discuss, we have created this very complete "about us" section with many facts and explanations about NEW ERA.

Our insistence on transparency is shown through the following pages where we inform the general public on our business model, concepts central to our company like the concept of WYCIWYG (what you click is what you get) and even the way in which we make money is discussed.

The main concepts at the core of our Advanced Currency Markets are:

1) Offering the most competitive, transparent and simple execution to the foreign exchange trader (to such an extent that most traders having used other brokers before us are quite agreeably surprised).

2) Transparency in everything we do, from the way we present our company to potential customers to our method of execution.

3) Keeping our profit margin small per customer. Most foreign exchange dealers focus on increasing their profit margins per trade. We at NEW ERA focus on decreasing our profit margins per trade (within reason) so that our execution can be better than that of other brokers and through using skillful marketing techniques gaining the largest market share possible because of our outstanding conditions. The result is practically no cost trading for even very small customers.

4) There's no point chasing after customers who don't want to open an account. At NEW ERA we only call customers that ask to be called and we believe that traders who are serious about opening an account will do so without having an NEW ERA employee call them 3 times a week. Basically we respect people's intelligence and right to privacy. The added value to this concept is that it is a cost effective way of running a business.

Intrest Rates

Symbol Rate
USD 0.0-0.25%
GBP 0.50%
JPY 0.10%
CAD 1.00%
AUD 3.75%

Why New Era

  • Competitive Spreads
  • Proprietary Technology
  • Award Winning Customer Service
  • A New Approach To Learning